How Can I Remove McAfee Antivirus Account?

In today’s world, no one can live without Internet. Can you imagine your life having no Internet and Wi-Fi? No, Right? Because we all have gone handicapped without Internet and we cannot even think to take a step further without taking its help. Whereas using Internet has become one of our needs. This cannot be compromised now.

Well, who says to compromise on Internet, but combating with Cyber-crimes is one of the major issues around the world and recognizing it is even more crucial. There are several examples in the past where individuals have committed crimes might be unknowingly or might have done to be recognized as “Cool”. But Ace rules everywhere, No? This is what rule of law is all about it spares no one, might it be cyber criminals or have done unintentionally. And switching accounts from one antivirus to another is also a good option for which you need to remove your account. Here follow the steps and remove your account from McAfee Antivirus. If still you were unable to do so then directly connect to us at McAfee Customer Service Phone Number. We will assist you in every way.

Go ahead with below mentioned steps:

·        Decision Customer Support

If you want to take this decision of removing account, you can go to McAfee Support Number and unsubscribe. It will cancel your account. But keep in mind that you have your State ID or Driving License with you, because they will ask you to verify your identity.

·        Un-Install McAfee

o   Click on Start button
o   Now go to Control Panel
o   Here, click Add/Remove Programs.
o   Now, select McAfee Security Center
o   Click the Change/Remove button and follow the onscreen instructions.

·        McAfee Removal Tool

o   Transfer the program
o   Save the file to your PC
o   Now run it once after the transfer completes
o   Exit of all McAfee Programs
o   Now, double click the file to run.
o   Follow the onscreen options to fully uninstall the McAfee program

Note: Use the McAfee Removal Tool if the upper steps won’t work for you.
·        Restart the System

And you have successfully removed your account from McAfee Antivirus Software. Though installing an antivirus in a system is very important because it keeps the system safe and secure. While if you are switching the Antivirus Accounts with other software then that is all right, because you should have at least an Antivirus installed on the system. In case you get stuck or face glitches please get connected to us at McAfee customer support number. We give support to our users anytime they are comfortable with, by our result oriented and experienced techies. 


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